Wednesday, May 25, 2016

sily Convert 2013 RTM to VL

Some time ago there was one-on-one loyal visitors have complained obstacles in the process of installing and of Pro 2013 RTM which always fails, well this time I will try to provide an sier way to solve the problem, ie by converting Pro 2013 RTM to VL Version. For those of you who may suffer the same fate, follow the following steps:
Pro Plus 2013 (Download Professional Plus 2013 here) Toolkit (Download Toolkit 2.4.9 Final here) & Toolkit requirements Converting Steps:
Mount the Pro Plus 2013 :Copy mounted to writable directory (such as Desktop = "C:\Users\\Desktop\ 2013")Open the ToolkitClick "button with icon" in the Microsft ToolkitGo to "Customize Setup" tab and click "Set installer Path"Select and open the "setup.exe" of on writable directory (such as "C:\Users\\Desktop\ 2013\setup.exe")Click "Change Channel"Wait until completedDone

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