Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Maya 2014 SP2 Full

Maya 2014 SP2 Full is 3D animation software that offers a comprehensive crtive fture set for 3D computer animation, modeling, simulation, rendering, and compositing on a highly extensible production platform. Maya 2014 SP2 Full now has next-eration display technology, accelerated modeling workflows, and new tools for handling complex data. Maya 2014 Full has rich ftures all about animation software
Ftures:3D animation (eral animation tools, Character crtion, Camera Sequencer, Grse Pencil, Joint centering and symmetry)3D modeling (Retopology Toolset (with Subscription), Better Boolns (with Subscription), Polygon and subdivision mesh modeling, Surface modeling, Accelerated modeling workflow)3D rendering & imaging (Integrated renderers, Maya Composite, Painting in Maya (Enhanced), Toon Shader, Professional camera tracking, Next- viewport display and shading (Enhanced), Paint Effects surface and volume attributes, Enhanced Node Editor, Rendering, shading, and camera ftures)Dynamics & effects (X arbitrary primitive (with Subscription), Bullet Physics enhancements (with Subscription), Maya nHair, Maya nParticles, Maya nCloth, Maya Fluid Effects, Rigid and soft-body dynamics, Maya Fur)Pipeline integration (Scripting and API (Enhanced), 2D and 3D integration, Data and scene management tools (Enhanced), Scene Assembly tools for smarter data, Enhanced file path handling)Screenshots:

Requirements: 7 Pro/ 8 Pro (x64)2 GHz with multi-core Processor4 GB of RAM2 GB Free Hard Space3 button mouseDownload:
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